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Friendly Plastic Floral Cuff with “rivets” Created for Jewellery Maker TV

From my latest Jewellery Maker TV show, this floral cuff made with Friendly Plastic and leather, plus an asymmetrical pendant created with Fusible Film and Friendly Plastic

Friendly Plastic and Cloud Clay With Children in Mind

Here are some images of the jewellery I made for the last Jewellery Maker Show on May 28th 2014, much of which was made with children in mind.  Things you could do with… Continue reading

Ice Bangle with Friendly Plastic

Ice Bangle – Article for Craftseller magazine issue 20 I know I have been wittering on about Jewel Enamels recently, that is because they have been taking up a lot of my time… Continue reading

Mini Books in Friendly Plastic

What is the fascination many of us have about miniature things?  I love all the tiny versions of larger items; as a child I spent many happy hours making things for my doll’s… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic Beads and Farewells

Sadly the fun has come to an end.  I took Linda and Mariah back to the station today so they could return to London.  I was sorry to see them go, we had… Continue reading


I thought I might brighten up my demo table at the Craft Barn Extravaganza with  some rather whacky flowers.  they are all made entirely out of scraps of Friendly Plastic. In order to take this… Continue reading

Create and Craft 27th May

Slight change of plan regarding the Create and Craft Friendly Plastic show on Friday 27th (10am), nothing to be alarmed about though.  I had planned to be making masks, but sadly we cannot… Continue reading

Rescheduled Create and Craft Show

All I can say is darn it, (and I am being very restrained here as I don’t want to swear on the blog!) Create and Craft have got their knickers in a knot… Continue reading

Nail Polish and Friendly Plastic

Over the years I have used nail polish on the back of some of my Friendly Plastic creations to finish them off neatly, and I have tried clear nail polish as a sealant,… Continue reading

A Small Consolation

By way of trying to make up to you the lack of C&C show yesterday, I want to share with you a little something you can do with your transfer foils other than… Continue reading