Charity Auction of Metamorphosis

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will remember this piece called Metamorphosis that I created especially for my local Cancer Research charity shop in Radcliffe On Trent using lots of… Continue reading

Digitalis Fanciformus – sneeky peek.

A very big thank you to every one of you who sent me gloves for my textile project, here is a sneeky peek at what some of them have been turned into.  They are… Continue reading

PlayAway 2012

I can’t believe that I have just spent 3 whole days away indulging myself in good company and creativity at an experimental PlayAway in deepest, darkest Worcestershire. As you can see from the photo… Continue reading

Danish FPists and Other Talented Folk

It is always lovely to see the work of other FP enthusiasts, so today I thought I would show you the work of Kate Gatti and Annette Juul, and Hanne Ingerslev.  Kate has been working… Continue reading

Mini Books in Friendly Plastic

What is the fascination many of us have about miniature things?  I love all the tiny versions of larger items; as a child I spent many happy hours making things for my doll’s… Continue reading

Linda On The Box

I should have done this yesterday, but I forgot.  Linda Peterson is guesting on Create and Craft TV today and tomorrow.  She is doing Polymer Clay (Cernit) and not Friendly Plastic.  Her show… Continue reading


My local Cancer Research charity shop is a wonderful source of broken jewellery and bits and bobs that I recycle into more jewellery and other things, frequently combining them with Friendly Plastic.  They… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic Beads and Farewells

Sadly the fun has come to an end.  I took Linda and Mariah back to the station today so they could return to London.  I was sorry to see them go, we had… Continue reading

Hotel Chocolat, Primark and Friendly Plastic

It is absolutley fabulous to have Linda Peterson and Mariah, her daughter who are over from the States share my studio and collaborate on new ideas for Friendly Plastic.  We have been working on… Continue reading

Virtuous and Very Excited!

Ooops, that title sounds a bit like a chapter in a racy book!  If that is what you are after, then don’t bother reading any further as I am definitely NOT writing, reading or… Continue reading

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