Living Donor Pin Project

Yesterday was a day to feel proud and humble and privileged.  The culmination of  2 years work came together at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground when almost 100 living kidney donors congregated with their recipients to receive recognition for their amazing selflessness.  My involvement in the project was to design and have made a silver pin and certificate to present to every one of them (and all those who could not be there).  This was to be the Nottingham launch, and the whole project is to be rolled out across the country.  The event was covered by the local press and TV and was attended by 200 people.  Magdi Shehata, the incredible surgeon who carried out most of these transplants was the driving force behind the project, he is passionate about his patients and cares deeply for their welfare.  it was his idea to develop a token to present to the donors, after all it is usually the recipients who get the attention, and they are the ones who are immediately feeling better; the donors were feeling great and after the operation feel terrible.

 In the development stages of the Pin I spent some time with the patients (donors and recipients) listening to their stories and asking questions.  From those meetings I developed the idea that the transaction between each couple was that of giving a gift; not just the gift of a kidney, but something much, much more:- the gift of hope.  They were giving the chance for a future, a life worth living.  So I set to work on the symbolism and came up with two symbols, the Ankh which is an ancient symbol for Life, and the Anchor which is a symbol of Hope.



 Putting these two together I came up with the final design.

Living Donor Pin Design

And the finished Pin looked like this:

Living Donor Silver Pin

Everyone seemed delighted with the Pin, many were wearing them then and there, and people came up to me and said how much they really appreciated the design, which was lovely as the silversmith who actually made them was there too. Chris Perry and his wife Karen had travelled from Sheffield to see their hard work on show, and I think it was a special event for them too.  Chris is an excellent silversmith who creates amazing contemporary designs.  You can visit his website:   

All in all a really special thing to have been involved in.  These donors are really special people with such courage.  That is why I started this post off by saying that it was a day to feel proud, privileged and humble all at once.