Not Obvious

Someone asked me what the image was in the header of my blog: what was it from, was there silver in it?  Silver colour maybe!  The image is taken from a close up of this small box I made from navy FP.  The box is only about 9cm in width, so not large,  and the sides and lid are entirely FP,  with an inlay of Peel Offs.  All those little bits that get left behind after using the design from a Peel Off sheet have been pushed in to warm FP with a kebab stick and left there.  I like using the negatives, it means I can create my own design and not just make use of someone elses (sometimes I do that as well of course!)  The little silver pieces on the corners of the box are made from silver FP

Inlaid box
One of the things I am enjoying about this blogging lark is getting in touch with people who are interested in similar things to me, as well as making contact with old friends again.  One of these lovely people particularly remarked on the distressed or antique look to the pendant I posted earlier so I thought I would add a couple more images of things made using a similar technique.
Fragments of a flower
A very simple card created by stamping into triangles of warm (hot water method) FP, colouring with acrylic paint and then adding Rub n Buff metallic wax.  The Art Emboss metal shim was patterned using an embossing tool on top of my rubber mat.  FP is light so it does not tend to make the cards fall over.
Key Impression
This Jewellery set was created for the Craft Stamper Magazine using Friendly Plastic, acrylic paint, Rub n Buff metallic wax and an old key to make the impressions.  It is lightweight and easy to wear, and many people would struggle to identify the material it was made from just by looking at a picture like this.  I enjoy making things a little less than obvious.
I shall have to make some time to take more photos to show you, but for now I am off to do some work, I have some sample boards to create for the sales reps who sell FP, and a number of bags for an article in an American magazine, more of that when I have something to show you.