Day Off

Today I took a few hours off to go with my good friend Judith Burnett to The Harley Gallery in Worksop, Notts.  It was a rare treat as the exhibition we went to see was enchanting; it was called Folk Art and Fairy Tales, which runs until 9th March.  My particular favourites were the wonderful Heath Robinson creations of Samantha Bryan who’s work was wonderfully whimsical, incredibly detailed and finely stitched, and abounding in humour. Do visit her web site to see loads of lovely images of her work. 


Samantha Bryan
Samantha Bryan 2
The other artist who’s work had me hearing conversations and imagining dialogue was the work of Lucy Casson (I have not yet found her web site, but I hope to do so shortly).  She created expressive little creatures out of tin and bits and bobs, and they all were busy doing something.  An upholstered chair was crawling with these little characters who were all busy “mending” it, arguing with each other, chatting, and generally giving the impression that if your back was turned they would all come to life again and get on with the task in hand.  Below is a detail from the piece.
Lucy Casson Upholsterers
I don’t know if this exhibition is travelling on elsewhere, but if you get the chance, go and see it, you will be enchanted.