Lilac Lovelies

For more than 18 months I have been waiting for these beauties to become available, and at long last they are back on my shelves.  I am referring to my preferred heat gun which has had a total makeover and name change.  It used to be called the Heat It Tool, it is now the Heat Buddy and has changed colour from white to lilac.  I am assured it is the same gun as before, so I will have to try it out and see. 

Heat Buddy

I am particularly fond of this little piece of kit because it is great to hold, and does not give me arm ache, and best of all it huffs out heat rather than ferociously blowing a gale.  This makes it heaps better for warming small bits of Friendly Plastic without sending them skittering around the place, and the same is true for heating embossing powders.  It works particularly well for distorting fabrics and tyvek, and is gentle enough to be used as a quick dry agent for paints etc. (do this with a degree of caution as sometimes the paper can buckle)

When I have been given other heat guns to work with at demos, I have had to resort on occasion, to using sticky dots to hold the plastic in place!

Speaking of demos, are any of you going to be at the Hobbycraft show at the NEC next week?  I will be demonstrating on the Origin Publishing stand, do come along and say hello if you can.

 Here are a couple of pictures of a Melissa Frances heart shaped album that I have decorated with Friendly Plastic.  I mostly used the negatives from some Salizah Spiral shapes that I cut out for the Venetian Costume I made in 2006.  The FP was softend directly on to the painted album, no need to glue. Some accent beads and little FP flowers finished it off.  The dangly bits are FP beads made directly on to the eyelash yarn and ribbon.  Just a bit of fun and frivolity.

Heart Album


Here you can see the detail of the accent beads.

Heart Album detail


The only part of this project that used hot water was in the cuttingout of the shapes using the Salizah metal shape cutters and making the beads on the eyelash yarn. 

I love to use the Salizah cutters as they are not floral, not your typical cake decorating cutters.  That is because Sarah Lawrence and I designed them specifically for craft, and we got my engineer friend in the village where I live to make them for us.  He runs Fine Cut Sugarcraft cutter company making and selling metal shape cutters for the sugarcraft industry, so they are good and strong, and suitable for both sugarcraft and craft.