Demos and Disasters

Half way through the Hobbycraft show at the NEC and I am pretty tired, particularly with all the driving each day.  Loads of people have stopped by to learn how to work with FP, so that is a good thing.  Many have bought the DVDs which is an even better thing as the workd spreads faster then, and people go home and can follow what I do in their own homes, instead of trying to remember what I showed at the show.  I will write more on the show with some pics as well after it finishes.

The disaster is that my Borboleta (butterfly)costume which should have been back from the USA weeks ago in time for the show, still has not arrived with me so it can’t go on display at the NEC.  It was sent to the wrong adress!!!.  ARRRGGGHHH!!!  I think I need a glass of wine to calm down.