Yahoo Friendly Plastic List

A few things you might not know about Friendly Plastic and other stuff:

  • Did you know that there is a Yahoo list dedicated to Friendly Plastic?  Click on the link and you can join a list of nutty folk who like to mess with FP.   It is quite quiet at the moment, so needs some livening up.  There are currently 46 members from all over the place, so it is a great place to ask questions, show some of your work, or just chat abour FP.  A lovely lady called Joanne moderates it from the south of France.
  • You can use permanent ink pens / pads , alcohol inks, heat set inks to add colour to your FP

coloured FP

  • You can stamp with so much more than a rubber stamp.
Tiles on a bag

I have a Jewellery making class coming up at the Beetroot Tree Gallery Draycott, Derbyshire on 30th March for which there are still some places.

  • Ooozed heart pendant


  • If you use a hot water bath with FP you will expand your repertoire enormously.
  • Twisted spaghetti bowl


  • Get the water temperature right (60 – 70 deg C) and you will be on the way to success.
  • Hot water baths masquerade as all sorts of things – crock pots, multifunction cookers, skillets, single electric rings with a roasting tin on top, a pan on the hob. 

Crock pot

  • If your plastic snaps when you bend it, chuck it away, or take it back to where you bought it for a replacement (please don’t do that if you have had it ages, stashed in the back of a drawer!)
  • Whenever you want to pick the plastic up in your hands (beads, moulding, manipulating, freeform etc) use the hot water method to soften it.

Enough for today, I am off to see my dad tomorrow, so I won’t be posting agin for a day or two.  Wishing you all a very happy Easter.