On The Road

I know, it has been days and days since I last posted, but most of the time has been spent on the road between home and somewhere connected with hockey.  My youngest  son is a very keen and able field hockey player (not that they play on a field, but just to differentiate it from ice hockey) and this involves me in a lot of taxi driving all over the country.  Well that is my excuse anyway, it is marginally better than admitting to being brain dead after doing the accounts.

I have just been to collect an order from a supplier today and found out that Accent Beads are being discontinued.  Shock.  Horror.  I bought up loads of what they had left, but unfortunately no gold or silver, but loads of other colours though.  I shall have to source a good alternative.

Accent Beads

 Did you get out in the garden this weekend?  I gave up sorting out and tidying the studio in favour of watching a bit of hockey and tootling about in the garden pretending to tidy things up a bit.  You can see from the photo that I didn’t do any weeding, but I did admire the plants that are in bloom.

Cyclamen and weeds

The under gardener was a bit of a liability though.  She was keen and eager to help out, got stuck in wherever I was, proved to be brilliant at digging and generally added much humour to the afternoon.  Unfortunately, she was also very keen to remove all the twigs and dead stalks from the sack and distribute them liberally around the lawn.  The appeal of her eyes and her sense of fun made forgiveness inevitable.  She is in fact a 4 month old cocker spaniel puppy called Poppy.

Poppy at 13 weeks

Poppy at 13 weeks

I’m good, honestly.

I’m good, honestly, I am not about to jump up. Just love me, feed me, play with me, in any order, as long as food comes first!

Having begun the blog by claiming that prolonged and frequent car journeys and accounts have kept me from posting to the blog over the last few days, you now know the truth – I have been playing with the dog!