A good friend of mine, Chrissie Day suggested I take a look at the Fibre Arts and Mixed Media website, and sign up for a page.  I took a peek and discovered a community of talented artists all wanting to discuss and share ideas, network and make new contacts, and generally inspire each other.  They might be in Australia or Chile, France or Canada, but this web site allows them all to connect with each other.  How wonderful is that? 

Having set up a page, within a couple of days I am in touch with a number of folk from across the world, and I love browsing their pages, seeing their work, and popping in on interesting discussion groups based around subject matter that interests me.  It is free to join, just upload some images and get going.  When I get a mo I will adapt and change my page and add more images.

If that is not enough, another friend of mine, Joanne (French Joanne or Craftaddict) started up a yahoo group for Friendly Plastic a while ago now.  It is not a very lively list just now, but we do get some posts.  In my wisdom (I don’t think I have any), I thought a Flickr Group might stimulate more activity, so bless Joanne, she is looking in to this.  I have uploaded some images to my own pages and started a Friendly Plastic Group and it was really easy to do, all we need are members!  The nice thing about it all is that it is a visual thing, with the discussions coming afterwards.  I would be most interested to hear what you all think about the various merits of a Yahoo group and a Flickr Group / page.

Just to show you that I have fitted in a tiny bit of creativity, here is a little bit of knitting using the Wonder Knitter, and the yarn they came from:

Yarn in waiting


From bourdon cord, to tape yarns, multi stranded Italian fancy yarn, skinny spotty stuff and mega fluffly stuff, I have been having a bit of fun whilst I sit with the rest of the family.  All I have to do is turn them in to necklaces, I am just not sure when though!

Speaking of yarns, I have a huge collection of interesting bits and one of the things I find quite soothing is to weave them over a thick piece of cardboard.  I run the warp threads (top to bottom)  all around the card, and then weave whatever takes my fancy as the weft.  Simply knot the end of one to the next yarn and carry on going round and round the cardboard, turning it over as you reach the side and weaving on round the back until you begin at the front again.  This is so easy to do that a friend of mine Christine Plummer  who took over organising the Young Embroiderers for the East Midlands Region of the Embroiderers Guild made it in to little kits for the Young Embroiderers to do and even the youngest turned out lovely little purses.  The small bag below is unfinished, but you should get the idea.

Easy weaving