Masks in Progress

Tomorrow I am going to help a group of ladies turn their creative fantasies into fantastical masks using some Friendly Plastic, a bit of fabric, and some imagination.  I love masks, they fascinate and apall me at the same time.  I love their decorative posibilities and the fact that Friendly Plastic is absolutely brilliant for creating light and extremely unusal creations.  Rather than just pull out the same masks that I have had for the last year or two, I decided to make a couple more to inspire the class. 

As I often incorporate stitch, I usually back my masks, or at least integrate them with textiles, my Lacework technique (see a short video of me doing this at the East Yorkshire Embroidery Society Meeting) is perfect for this as it leaves lots of holes to stitch in to.  Below is the mask in the making.  Little fabric flowers are embedded in to the plastic as I wanted a fresh spring-like feel to the mask.

Spring Meadow Mask

The finished mask

Spring Meadow Mask

Travel across the globe to the far east and that is where the inspiration for the next mask came from.


Neither of these two masks are actually stitched, despite using the Lacework technique as I wanted to show that you can produce a mask like these in a one day class.  The finishing flourishes of dangly bits take a tad longer, but that can be done at home.

If you are wondering what the background is, I had to cover a chair in some blind fabric and it is slightly translucent so you can see the pattern of the throw on the chair behind.  I did not want to wait and set up my “photo studio” to take proper photos as I wanted to get these images on the blog for you straight away.

Hopefully I will have some photos from the class at Camelot Crafts to show you what everyone managed to do.