A Carnival of Masks

It has been a bit of a troublesome day today, and I won’t bore you with all the details except to say that it involved a large amount of deisel, the house alarm, the puppy, and a fair bit of mud.

All that nothwithstanding, I wanted to share with you the results of the Mask making class at Camelot Crafts in Radcliffe last Saturday.  Everyone worked really hard, in fact it was a job to get them to stop for 5 minutes for lunch.

 This is Helen’s mask in the making, she had a plan and followed it though with great focus, and the results were wonderful as you will see in the final photos further down.  Helen added shapes cut out with Salizah cutters designed by Sarah Lawrence and myself and made by Fine Cut Sugarcraft Products.

In the making

Dian was busy adding small Ooozed pieces that we had worked on earlier, as well as imaginative touches from her own stash.

Adding embelishments

Glynis, a total Friendly Plastic Virgin was ready to laminate her fabric to the her beautiful and striking mask

Ready for the next stage

Glynis, Pat, and Leslie consider the effects of some lovely sparkly paint effects care of Dian

Decisions, decisions

Leslie was pleased with her mask in its flat form, laminated to organza.  Her fine filigree lacework was ready either for stitch or to be moulded into a face shape.  There was a little distressing and fraying of the fabric to do first, but otherwise she was ready to take the plunge into hot water and at long last shape the mask.

Laminated and ready to go

Glynis was ready to take the plunge, she just needs the courage to do so!

Taking the plunge


Everyone managed to complete a mask up to and including moulding it to shape.  They were all fabulous and so different. 

Who\'s this?

I think their creations were all a reflection of the individual’s personality: from the minutely and intricately wrought and finely detailed creations of Pat, Coby, and Leslie to the bold and flambouyant masterpieces of Pam, Helen, Gylnis and Dian.  All were wonderful.


All I can say ladies is that you were a joy to spend the day with, and thank you for working so hard.  Please send me photos of your finally finished masks and I will happily put them on the web site and of course blog about them too!