The Ladies of Mid Wales Embroidery Group

Llanidloes, Powys

Thursday morning 7.30am, ready and packed.  The car jammed to the roof with everything I needed for my trip to Llanidloes and the Mid Wales Embroidery Group.  Three and half hours later and I was in Welshpool having a cup of coffee at the Old Railway Station –  a great place to stop, stretch your legs and have cup of coffee.  You might  want to browse through their many little shop areas as well.

The scenery got better and better as I neared my destination, unfortunately I cannot wield a camera and the steering wheel at the same time so no photos here.  Driving in to Llanidloes was like stepping back 30 years, and it was so peaceful.  The beautiful old Market Hall stands bang in the middle of the street.

 I was met at the Minerva Centre by Pat, Sylvia, and Ann from the Mid Wales Embroidery Group who treated me to a lovely lunch after helping me to set up all my stuff ready for the afternoon talk.

Llanidloes Market Hall

The group gathered and attentively listened as I presented my “From her to There and Back Again” talk which I rounded off with a demonstration of Friendly Plastic.  The ladies were very interested, and kept me hard at it until they began to gasp for lack of a cup of tea!  They obviously took a lot on board as the workshop the following day was made much easier because they could all remember what I had shown them the day before.

The sun was still shining so I took myself off around the town to stretch my legs.  There was a very pretty little park by the river Severn, lush despite there being no leaves on the trees, and the daffodils were still blooming (not that you can see them in this picture).

Llanidloes river park

The town really does have the feeling of being 30 years behind the rest of the country, and the next photo emphasises this point.  I don’t think you will find too  many National Milk Bars left nowadays

national Milk Bar

Sylvia had kindly arranged for me to stay at The Severn View Guest House where I enjoyed a cosy room, a gorgeous Burmese Kitten and a sumptuous breakfast care of Angela my host.

Being able to walk round the corner to the class venue and not have to spend 1 hr setting up was bliss. I strolled in at 9.30am and we were all ready to roll by 10am.  Everyone worked really hard, and they had all been paying attention to the demo the day before.  This meant that they got further along with developing their own ideas and produced a huge amount of samples.  Many of them had plans for their samples – applying them to some textile boxes they were due to make in a subsequent workshop, turning them in to jewellery, buttons and other accessories.  Covering books, and boxes were other choices of things to do with their samples.  you can see from the photo just how prolific they were.

FP workshop Mid Wales Emb Group

Mid Wales Emb Group reviewing their Friendly Plastic workshop

Lladies of Llanidloes, I am so glad I came to meet you all, you are a great bunch of dynamic, talented and very interesting people, I hope we manage to get together for another workshop some time.  You were great.

A special thanks to Sylvia, Pat and Ann and all the rest of you who made light work of all the packing up.  Don’t forget to send me your photos of your finished work.