Going Dotty

Tomorrow is my DOT Group meeting.  Designs On Textiles, or DOT for short. 


We are just a small group of folks who love to use the computer as a design tool for our textile work. Pat and Ros, Margaret, Eileen, Chrissie and I are all in to stitched textiles of various sorts, and Erica is our knitter.  She designs and knits on the knitting machine using wire to make stunning jewellery.  Take a peek at Erica’s website if you want to know more. 

We help each other out when we face the inevitable “how on earth can I do this” moment, but more than that, we inspire each other to try out new things.  As we only meet once every three months, it is nice to have a challenge or a bit of homework to do in between meetings!  One ongoing project is our DOT to DOT books.  These are small sketch books that rotate around the group with each of us adding 4 digitally manipulated images  at a time.

DOT to DOT pages

This image shows four pages ready to be cut up and stuck in to our little sketch books.  The theme for these images was fireworks.  Somehow we have managed to get ourselves a little confused about who’s turn it is next for each book, but I am sure it will all come out in the wash.  At the end of the exercise we each should have a book that all members of the group have contributed to.  It is interesting to see how people progress with their use of the programme (Photoshop Elements) and discover more than just the filter buttons.

DOT Cactus Consequences

Our current inter-meeting challenge is “Cactus Consequences”.  We all start off with the same image of a cactus (as above), and we each do something to it and pass it on.  No one knows exactly how the person before them arrived at the image they pass on, that is until tomorrow.  Hopefully we will all have the story behind the images to share with the group, and that should prove quite interesting and informative.  I will tell you more about it, and show you some images in the next post. 

If you are interested in using the computer as a design tool for your creative work, you should check out the Computer Textile Design Group’s web site, and our DOT blog (started out life as a forum for members only, but it is moving on from there).  The CTDG is an international organisation based in the UK, and has members all over the place, on line forums, workshops, and a great magazine called Design IT.  Val Campbell Harding started it all up, and the organisation has inspired a huge number of people to get onto their computers and begin to use them as a tool for their creativity.

If you live near Nottingham , then you are very welcome to join us Dotties, just drop me an email, or leave a comment.