Well where did the week go?  I had hoped to post to the blog days ago, but a load of stuff happened.

The DOT meeting was great fun; besides sharing our consequences images we talked about origami and Erica showed us how to get through an interminably boring formal dinner by making beautiful skrunkly (I have submitted this word to the OED!) creations from  paper napkins that resemble  water lilies or some exotic flower.  If you want to see what I mean go take a look at this You Tube film.


 It was lovely to have Chrissie and Eillen join us this time, and we even had Hilary on the phone all the way from Southampton.  Our Cactus Consequences proved to be most interesting and instructive, not least because it was clear that we aer a bunch of folk who find it hard to stick to the rules of engagement!  Creative interpretation is the best way to describe the progress of the images around the group.  Each of us started with the same cactus image (see previous post), we made our changes and passed it on in such a way that the image we each received was never revealed to the next person in the chain, they only got the one that we had adapted and sent on.  The pictures below follow one Cactus as it goes from person to person (all these stages were not revealed until the meeting, and we had a series like this for every member of the group).

Cactus consequences

This image had not even done the rounds of the whole group at this point, so you can see what I mean about creative interpretations, particularly as we were supposed to be trying to stick to a 10cm square at 150ppi, no more than 1mb!  This variation stretched the ingenuity of members trying to get it back to a square format at the right size.

We all presented the story of each transformation we made to each image and talked it through with the aid of the computer.  This meant that particular stages could be explored in full and useful tricks shared with everyone.  You can see from the image below the things I did to the image I was sent (1.original) to arrive at the design I then sent on to Pat.

Cactus transformations 

Everybody went home having learnt something new about the programme, and with the inspiration to try out the ideas on their own images. 

We enjoyed the challenge so much that we are starting on a new one in time for the next meeting in August.  I hope that some of the ideas will make it in to stitch in some way, if not directly, then indirectly through the greater understanding of the programme (photoshop Elements) and our ability to use it more effectively.