Stop Press!

Wonderful news.  Stop throwing out your Snappers!  I have been told by the USA FP expert Jana Ewy that she reconditions her snappers and makes them good to go again. Isn’t that amazing?

Jana uses the dry electric skillet method to soften her Friendly Plastic, she puts the FP on a Teflon sheet in a dry skillet and heats it from the bottom up until soft.  This tends to leave the FP surface relatively unchanged, but can make it very hot to handle.  Because it can reach a high temperature she has discovered that by leaving the FP in the dry skillet for 2-3 minutes after it has softened, it reconditions the plastic and when it is cool (leave on the side to cool naturally), it is pliable and bendy just as it should be.

What we don’t know is how long the reconditioning lasts for.  So if there is anyone out there who does know this, then please let me know.  My heating methods (heat gun and hot water) don’t tend to get as hot as the skillet method, so I have never, until Jana told me, had success in reusing the Snappers.  That is set to change.

Just think of all that FP in everyone’s stash of stuff that we thought to be useless and would have chucked out.  Get it out, get it hot and get it bendy!

Jana has a whole heap of experience with FP, and she has plenty of tips to share with us on the Yahoo Friendly Plastic group including some interesting things to do with glazes and coatings.  She is also preparing her own web site which I hope won’t take her too long as I am very keen to see all her great stuff.

Take a peek at this photo pinched from her ETSY site.  Her jewellery is beautiful

Jana\'s jewellery