Chiffon and Lace

Chiffon and Lace

I have just finished this bag for the class I am teaching tomorrow in Grimsby.  Nothing like be well prepared in plenty of time!  I do have a collection of other bags, but unfortunately they got damaged in a shop window when I was taking a class last summer.  They look fine from a distance, but close up they are welded together and only viewable from one side!  The heat of an English summer magnified through plate glass did for them.

This little bag is made from 2 layers of organza with freemotion embroidery all over the place.  The top, handles and little flower decoration are all made from FP.  I have brushed on the Duraclear varnish from Decoart to protect the FP.  I have trapped some lovely flat Czechoslovakian glass cabachon style beads in the plastic for extra bling, and Accent Beads fill the centre of the flowers.  If you want any of the glass beads just shout, they are not on my web site but I have them in blue and iridescent crystal.  They have two transverse holes for threading, but that gives them a lovely striped effect.  The backs are silvered.  I use these beads in my Molten Jewels kits if you want to see them more clearly.

Chiffon and Lace Bag detail

Hopefully I will have some photos from the class to share with you over the weeekend. 

Have a good one