Glorious Grimsby – Beautiful Bags

The ladies of Grimsby Embroidery Group were all extremely well prepared for the “Chiffon and Lace” class on a gloriously summery Saturday in May.  Each arriving with their bags made up to the point where the Friendly Plastic needed to be added.  This made life much more interesting as I could offer them a choice of techniques to proceed with rather than sticking to just the one.  The results speak for themselves – every bag was different, every bag was delightful.

 Hard at work, no time to stop for a cup of tea.

Work in progress

In the morning we explored some of the techniques that they could consider for their bags.  But Work stopped for the most welcome interruption of a delicious faith lunch.  The food was gorgeous, and there was so much of it.  Loads of salads, really tasty meats, and mouthwatering cakes and fruit salad.  I am surprised that anyone got anything done in the afternoon.

I had my whip out and cracked it!

Glorious lacework on the way

This is the most considered and precise design I have ever seen using lacework. Carefully planned and thought out, it is going to complement the striking bag it is about to adorn.

A little bit of Oooze! adds variety to a charming header for a non gathered bag.

Decisions, decisions.  What to choose for an embellishment.  Stamped and highlighted, the header bar for this gently gathered bag was perfectly in keeping with the more opaque material.

Dipping the edges of the pieces to be joined in hot water.

These beautiful header bars are a combination of lace, stamping and Oooze!

Beginning to stitch.  When the Friendly Plastic comes off the tin foil it is transformed.  Put it on the fabric and it looks a million dollars.

Most pople choose to sit to when they stitch, but Grimsby folk are a rum lot!

Here are the bags as they were at the end of the day.  They need finishing, but they are well on their way to completion.  My photos do not do them justice, and I hope that when the bags are finally finished, they groups will send me photos and I will be able to share them on the blog and on the web site.

Delicate and lacy bags in shimmering shot colours. The bag on the right appears much more pink than it actually is, the head bars complement the true colours of the bag perfectly



You can see the circle of lacework before it was cut in half to make the headers for this bold and strong design.



My photos definitely do not do these two justice as they do not capture the soft, delicate and hiden nature of the bag on the left (out flat before it is stitched) – all the trapped jewels are softly hidden behind a layer of organza, the flash has made them stand out too much.  The bag on the right has a wonderful swirling design on the fabric itself, complemented by the swirls of stitched beads.  The header perfectly picks out the colours and mirrors the shapes  brought to life by the bead work.



 Very elegant, very simple the lacework looked so good set against the fabric.  By using little Friendly Plastic flowers scattered over the bag, the header design was brought together with the lovely stitched leaves of the bag.



The joy and spontenaity of the bag on the left is most pleasing.  Not only has there been experimentation with Oooze!, but also joining cut out shapes to add contrast and draw the colours up from the bag into the header.  I believe that dangly bits are to be included in this design.

The bag on the right is just stunning.  The bold use of black and gold complement the wonderful fused and speckly nature of the bag itself.  This is a stunner.




Here are some of the lovely ladies from the group at the show and tell where we all get the chance to see each others work.



A huge thank you to you all for a wonderful day, you were a pleasure to teach, and you inspired me to try out some new ideas too.  Just remember to send me your photos of the finished bags – I can’t wait to see them.

If you live within striking distance of Grimsby, then why not get in touch with the Group, they are about 70 strong, and hold monthly meetings and have about 5 workshops a year.  If you want to get in touch with them, just drop me an email, or leave a comment and I will contact you with their information.