Email Down and Snappers

Emergency message to everyone who might be expecting a reply to an email today or tomorrow:  We are currently changing servers and I can only receive emails, but not send them until we get a small glitch fixed.  I hope to be back up and running over the weekend – fingers crossed!

This next bit is especially for Helen who has emailed me asking about snappers (Friendly Plastic that is brittle and snaps).  Please take a look at my post for May 7th (Stop Press), it goes some way to explaining the current thinking on snappers.  They can be fixed, at the very least temporarily, by a conditioning process discovered by Jana Ewy in the US.  Dry heating, ideally on a skillet, for 3 minutes or so and allowing them to cool, should make them bendy again.  The trouble is, we don’t know how long for.  Jana has been using this technique for ages and seems very happy with it.    It is hardly worth trying to use the snappers until theyhave been reconditioned, they are extremely frustrating to work with.

Sorry to be in a dash, got a zillion things to do tonight, and no email to work with!