Making The Most of Things

After a few demonstrations or classes I always end up with plenty of sample pieces to use.  sometimes they get turned in to jewellery or bigger projects, but today I thought I would use up some of the hoard of Lacework samples that I have created.  Using the hotplate that I found in the Lakelandsale I baked the FP samples on to some little tags that I had found in a cupboard (The “may-come-in-handy-someday” cupboard).



This is just a small proportion of the sample pieces I have, so you can see I really needed to do SOMETHING with them all.



The tags are sprayed with Craftynotions Creative Colour Spray inks which give a lovely mottled look, and they are edged with Krylon metallic leafing pens.  I sprayed mine with clear acrylic sealant as well.  This was to protect the inks as well as the FP as the inks are water based.



Apologies for the slightly fuzzy photos, I could not find my tripod.


The joy of using the hot plate is that it heats up flat things from the bottom up, which is perfect when you want to make FP stick to something else (in this case card) without using glue.  It almost fuses it to the card surface.  As I am still experimenting with the hot plate, I cannot say yet how long the bond holds for, but so far nothing has fallen off, and when I give it a tug, it shows every sign of hanging on really tightly. The other benefit is there are no messy glues required for this technique.


These tags are larger – the normal luggage label size, and I added some scribbles with various pens.  They would be great to hang from cards, or adorn a present for a special someone.  I might use the smaller ones a bit like business cards (only for special people though!)



Now I have cleared the decks of a few samples, it is back to the hotplate and a bit more experimenting.