AMACO Friendly Plastic Challenge

Just a quickie today!  Take a peek at the Amaco Friendly Plastic Challenge page to see some of the entries in the various categories of the FP challenge organised by the manufacturers of Friendly Plastic.  This week has seen the biggest craft and hobby trade fair in the US get underway, and Amaco had a stand there (they do every year).  They invited entries for a competition to make Valentines themed jewelery sets and butterflies and a few other things which I can’t quite remember now.  Some of those entries can be seen by following the link above.  We have also been discussing it on the Friendly Plastic List.

American Friendly Plastic expert Jana Ewy, and polymer clay artist and all round clever lady Linda Peterson were demonstrating.  Linda has been posting reports back from California on her blog, there are some nice photos there, and I can’t wait to see some more pictures from them as they have been collaborating as they demonstrate.

That’s all today; told you it would be short!