Dog Days

THis post has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Friendly Plastic.  I just HAD to share with you some images of my dog Poppy after her walk.

The snow fell heavily this morning and my son and I took the dog for a walk.  Being a spaniel she spends all her time nose down, ears brushing the ground hunting out interesting smells.  Unfortunately for her, the snow began to accumulate on the ends of her ears.


We tried to remove it, but she would not stay still long enough to let us.  Besides which, it is very hard to remove the snow when you are laughing a lot.


She tried shaking her head, but it only made matters worse.  Despite 3 or 4 attempts at snow removal the poor dog was beginning to find it difficult to walk as her beautifully adorned ears were getting in the way.

By the time we got home she had gathered a whole heap more and looked like this:


How can you take a dog seriously when she has gone so overboard on her winter finery?!

Before you shout at me and think me cruel, I did defrost her with a nice warm shower in our old tub trug: she was much happier.