New FP Blog

There is good news and there is good news (nothing bad around here today!). It looks as though Friendly Plastic is on the rise.  Not only are more and more people from around the world visiting this blog, but we now have a new blog dedicated entirely to FP, and everyone who is interested can get involved in what goes up on it.  Take a look at the new blog created by Linda Peterson and Jana Ewy called The Art Of Friendly Plastic.  The aim of the blog is to provide a forum for information dissemination (now say that when you have had a glass of wine or two), to all corners of the globe, and get every FP user sharing ideas, learning from each other, and helping each other find the right resources.  Whether those resources are materials, tools, equipment, learning opportunities, classes, projects, books and DVDs, or whatever: if it is important to FP users then Linda and Jana will blog about it.

They are already providing links to all sorts of sites that are of interest, and welcome ideas and suggestions from the FP community about what should go on the blog, what would be useful to everyone.  Images of work, links to on line projects and lots of other stuff are beginning to appear, so get on over there and have your say.