Skillets, Cookers and Pans

This post is in answer to Teresa’s question (see comments on “colourations”) about where to find an electric skillet and what name do you search under.  Firstly, I am so glad you like what you see Teresa, thank you for your lovely comments.

In the UK you might find the skillet called a multi cooker, electric frying pan or an electric skillet.  I have found them under all three names.  They are a bit here one minute gone the next though.  Lakeland did have one, and Tefal made one too.  Ebay is a good place to start, and check out Argos and Amazon as well.  I am sorry I can’t be more specific, but  take a look at my post “Talking to Myself” in December 08 and there is a bit about a crock pot/pan that I found at Makro.

You or someone in your family might have an old fashioned Swan version which people used to use when caravanning.  Just check the wiring though!

When you find it you will usually be able to use it without water in ie dry.  Make sure that it has a good enough temperature control.  When you are hooked, you will find yourself with crock pots or electric pans for water, a dry skillet and a heat gun which will all become indispensable!

Just because I don’t like doing too many posts without pictures, here are some scribble links that I made a couple of years ago using Friendly Plastic Pellets and metal powders.  Under the links you can see the flat sheets of coloured FP that the links were rolled from.  I made these before I had a flat electric skillet which makes colouring the pellets easier.  I used my trusty Heat Buddy heat gun, which huffs out heat rather than blasts hot air, so it doesn’t tend to send everything flying. However the skillet does not huff at all, and is perfect for gently softening the pellets.