The Afternoon Play


For once, there was no hockey to ferry my son to on a Sunday and I thought I  might mess around for an hour or two in the afternoon in the studio.  Having ferreted around amongst my samples boxes I could not immediately see any more of my dollops of coloured pellets, so I dug out some other bits and bobs and decided to turn some of the items into ATCs instead of jewellery.  The colours do  not fit the season as the spring sunshine begs for something brighter, but I had a sheet of decorated paper to hand and  I thought I would use it instead of making something new. 


The background paper is cartridge paper with some pressed leaves glued down.  I covered it with Gesso and applied walnut ink  and coloured glazes (Craftynotions.comsell these) with some Polished Pigments powders to give some added allure.  The textures were highlighted with a gold coloured Polished Pigments mixed with Duracoat glaze. 



Peel Off (Outline Stickers) lines were quick and easy to add, as were the Rub On words.  I liked the background so much in this one that I did not want to put too much on top – just a couple of FP beads and a rolled paper bead that I had salvaged from some charity shop broken necklace.



I am never short of samples of my Lacework technique, and the colours seemed to work well with the background.  A few Peel Offs and some little red seed beads (again recycled from charity shop jewellery) finished it off.



The little gold dots are the bits of Peel Off that are left behind when the chain-like strip at the left is applied.  Some coarse, relatively mat glitter applied with a spot of  glue and some blue beads integrated the spaghetti swirl of FP.


The rusty red swirls are the negative bits of a Christmas decorations Peel Off that I coloured with alcohol inks.  The heart in the middle is stamped FP highlighted with gold Rub n Buff and covered in Envirotex.  Gold coloured self adhesive metal edging was wrapped around it.  You can see why this stayed as a sample and never made it in to anything else!



Yet another of my Ooozed hearts created using Angelina Fibres adorns this little ATC.  Peel Offs make another appearance too.



This ATC gets a slightly more contemporary take using Peel Offs again, and another of my Envirotex covered  sample pieces.  This one was some recycled Friendly Plastic covered with Metal Flake, rolled out a bit and then brushed with bronzing powders and a small amount of alcohol ink.  Accent beads in Tortoiseshell have been glued on for added texture and interest.

I might actually have to stop using up all my samples soon and start making afresh again.  I have loads of ideas in  my head, so enough blogging, I need to make a start, the only trouble is I don’t have any Play Time in the next few days.