Textile Art With Integrity

OK, I just had to let you know about a fabulous exhibition I have just been to in Lincoln.  It is not on for long, just this week from 13th to 19th April 10am – 4pm at the Gallery at St Martins but it really is worth seeing.  The artist, Janet Wain is truly an artist, and a very modest one; she just happens to work in textiles.  Not that that is an accident I hasten to add!  Her work has great integrity, and she has based this exhibition on her interpretation of the female form and geological maps.  The two sources combine together to create beautiful and moving images that invite contemplation and consideration from across the gallery floor, but also excite and reward the eye when viewed close to.



The piece above is a perfect example of her clever use of colour, computer skills and talent for drawing, as well as her imaginative interpretation of geological maps.



Changes of scale do not phase her, and although most of the work in the exhibition is in these lovely earth tones, there are some vibrant contrasts which focus on human hands.  You can see a bit of this in the image below which is a view of the front of the little gallery in Lincoln.


The image below was tricky to shoot as it is behind glass, so I apologise for it not being quite up to scratch, but you can still see that Janet is a gifted artist.  her work is subtle and to my mind shows insight and compassion for her subject matter.  Whatever Janet does, she always makes me think more about what I do, and why I am doing it, she really does inspire me.  Janet is a member of Nolitex as am I, and we are very fortunate to have her as part of our group: Her professionalism, and innate eye for design and composition combined with her gentle and encouraging manner make her not only a wonderful person to know, but a bit of an icon too.  Now I bet I have made her blush!


And if Janet’s beautifully wrought and professionally hung work is not enough of a draw for you, then just behind the gallery is The Cheese Society Shop and cafe.  Not only does it sell delicious and unusual cheeses, but also serves seriously good food and coffee.  We got there at around 11.30am thinking we might have a coffee, but decided that lunch was too enticing so stayed for an early lunch.  I am very glad we did because by 12 o’clock every table was full with knowledgeable locals who understand what a wonderful and largely-undiscovered-by-tourists gem  of an eatery they have there.  The outside is nothing to look at, but everything inside is excellent quality, and largely locally sourced.  And of course, there is the whole of the rest of Lincoln to explore.

You can find the gallery in St Martins Square at the foot of Steep Hill (off to the left if you are looking up towards the Cathedral).  We (my friend Judith Burnett and I) parked in a little the car park by the canal opposite the Waterfront shopping centre and it took just 5 mins to reach the gallery by walking up the high street and just as the road narrows to go up Steep Hill we turned left into St Martins Square.


Go there NOW!