The Consequences Of A Digital Age

For regular readers of this blog, what I am going to tell you about today will not need any further explanation, just a link to the DOT group blog where you can see the whole story of our most recent round of Consequences.


For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, I will explain:  DOT, or Designs On Textiles is a small group based in Nottingham who are dedicated to exploring the use of the computer as a design tool for our textile work.  We have been playing an adapted version of the childrens game of Consequences whereby we each have a start image (picture of the shells below) to which we do some computer manipulation before passing it on to the next person in the group.  They then do their manipulation and pass it on.  As we all do this simultaneously  and we pass on the manipulated images every 10 days or so, it keeps everyone on their toes, practising and exploring their own programmes (most of us use either Phototoshop Elements or Photoshop CS).  Best of all, it means that everyone plays and contributes to the game, whatever level of experience they have. 

To read more about it and see all the images and how they are transformed from one person to the next, just visit the DOT Group blog, or you can see the images on the DOT Web Album Page.  Better still, go and get yourself a copy of this month’s DesignIT, the magazine of the Computer Textile Design Group

Below are just some of the manipulations on ONE of the images, there are another 6 images with all their manipulations to see.  If you are the least bit interested in learning how to use the computer to help you design for your creative projects, then it is really worth your while to take a look at the blog and the Web Album pages as there is an outline explanation for every effect that has been achieved.










I will add at this point, that the aim was not to produce a piece of artwork at the end, but to learn control and understanding of our software.  If at any point we achieve images that we might like to take in to textiles then that is a bonus, and we can each interpret it in our own way.  In fact we are hoping to have an exhibition next year (2010) which will feature some of our games of consequences, but I will keep you posted with more details when the time comes.