Turning Heads

Jana Ewy put out a design challenge on the Friendly Plastic List and blog for everyone to make a doll.  Not just any doll, but one that featured an image of the maker when they were young and as they are now.  I duly got involved because I thought it might be a bit of fun, and I quite like making dolls; goodness knows why:  Maybe it is a reaction to having two teenage sons and no daughters.  It is just me and the dog in our otherwise male dominated household.

I always have trouble staying in 2 dimensions so  you won’t be surprised to discover that my doll is “in the round”.  The idea behind her is that we all wish we had some of the wisdom and knowledge that we now possess when we were young.  Consequently there are two sides to the doll and the head rotates so you can choose a young head on old shoulders, or an old head on young shoulders.  You can also be boring and go for the old head on the old shoulders as in the image below.


The wild hair perhaps relates to an inner desire to be a bit like the poem “When I am Old I Shall Wear Purple”, but I don’t have the courage to do it in real life.  Mind you, the hedge backwards look is how I appear every morning, it is just the colour that needs the courage.



I can’t say that I ever remember looking quite so cute and girly when I was young, I seemed to live in my brother’s hand me downs and we all had pudding bowl haircuts.


This reminds me of how much fun it was to play at dressing up!


Now this is just mutton dressed as lamb, but with a very bad hair do, and I have never had skinny legs in my life.

But the challenge was not about who we really are on the outside, but more about ourselves on the inside.  The next couple of images are of another “doll”  (in the loosest possible terms) that I did not enter for the challenge, but enjoyed making anyway. She is on a ribbon so I can wear her.



This doll is simply a smile and a pair of glasses (plus the wild hair of course). Plenty of movement as the smile is articulated and the boots are on ribbons.


I suppose she represents my inner self more thoroughly than the first doll, but there I go, revealing more of myself than I intended to on a blog.


I am going to have to search hard to find shoes like these in Clarkes!

Hope you have enjoyed this little diversion, perhaps it has given you some ideas to play with.