Friendly Plastic Class @ Tintern Abbey

I am more than delighted to announce that I am running a workshop in the grounds of beautiful Tintern Abbey on the Welsh Borders near Chepstow in September 2009.  Having met a lovely lady called Adrienne Goodenough on the Friendly Plastic Yahoo List, I have been offered this delightful spot to run a class.  Adrienne is the Lifelong Learning Manager for CADW (the Welsh version of English Heritage) and she has at her command some truly inspiring locations throughout Wales.  However, I thought it might be best to choose something that was not too far  into deepest Wales to make it easier for everyone to travel to.


The class dates are Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September

Two days of workshops using the Abbey ruins as inspiration for creating unique designs in Friendly Plastic.  Come for both days and immerse yourself in the atmosphere and beautiful surroundings of the Abbey, on the banks of the river Wye near Chepstow (Welsh border country) learning key skills and techniques for working with Friendly Plastic.  Come for one day and get a flavour for working with this unique and versatile modelling material.


“While here I stand, not only with the sense
Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts
That in this moment there is life and food
For future years”

Wordsworth – ‘Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey’



What We Will Do

 Day one is about inspiration and learning techniques – we will spend a short while looking at the Abbey and for those that want to, sketching some ideas  or write some words that come to mind during the ramble around the ruins.  What we do next if FP will be influenced by the thoughts or sketches gleaned from the Abbey.  Nothing taxing, just making use of the beautiful ruins and being inspired by our surroundings.  We will cover some useful techniques that will help you interpret some of your ideas into FP, and try out some of the very many techniques there are for working with this material. 

Day 2is about your creations and what you want to do – I will guide you on an individual basis through projects that you specifically want to create, and I can help you explore and discover more ways of working with FP allowing you to take it in your own direction.

 Both days are primarily aimed at creating jewellery whether they are finished pieces or key elements to be turned onto jewellery on your return home.  However, almost all the techniques we will explore are suitable to be adapted to other crafts such as textile work and papercrafts.



My aim is to teach you some basic skills for working Friendly Plastic, inspire you to try out your own ideas, and to guide you to create your own projects.  The emphasis will be on learning a good number of techniques including appropriate heating methods, texturing, Lacework, Oooze, recycling, and re-colouring. No one goes home without a head bursting with ideas and possibilities!

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

Beginners and those with experience alike.  You do not have to be a jewellery maker, in fact that probably won’thelp you much at all! The techniques can be applied to other crafts, it just helps to have a focus for the day.  The image below is of some textured FP that could easily have been turned into jewellery, but I chose to put them on a card instead.  So you can see what I mean when I say that the techniques can be taken wherever you want them to go.


There is very reasonable accommodation in the village, and for those that stay, I am sure we can have a great evening together.

The cost of the course is £60 for the whole weekend, or £35 for one day.  If you are interested, then I will send you out the full details and a booking form.  There are only 10 places on each day, and judging by the enquiries they might go quite fast, but I will keep you posted.  Just email me on