E.Y.E.S. Workshop

Last Saturday found me in East Yorkshire with a lovely bunch of ladies from the East Yorkshire Embroidery Society.  I had been to the group last year when I gave them my talk “From Here To There And Back Again” or how I weave my Friendly Plastic work into my textiles – the journey from where I began with FP and textiles to where I am now.  

The title of Saturday’s workshop was Bend It Shape It, just like my DVD of the same name, and we covered many of the techniques that are in the DVD.  However, everything we did had textiles in mind.  All our experiments and investigations came down to how we could use FP with textiles in a variety of ways.

workshop25040931jpg1As you can see from the photo above, they are a great crowd to be with, full of  laughter and fun and irrevererance, and they love to talk!  I would much rather have a lot of  talkative students who ask questions, challenge ideas and generally like to experiment for themselves, than a bunch of  silent people who don’t let me know that I am not teaching them the things they want to know.  This  lot are definitely of the former variety!

We had a great day.  It started  with a spot of furniture removal:  there was a class in the room next door that had pinched just about every table in the place and we had to beg, and steal tables back so that we hd enough to work on.  That job done, we set to, investigating some basic properties of Friendly Plastic and how to heat it, handle it, colour it, join it, roll it, cut it and stamp in to it.

workshop25040939jpgWe used hot water baths to soften the plastic for making impressions, and we used heat guns to try out a little bit of Oooze.


Everyone had a go at Lacework, some finding it more to their taste than others, but everyone was successful.  Piecework (my version of Seminole patchwork) seemed to go down well and a number of brooches were made and proudly worn.






The average number of pieces made per person in a class like this is somewhere between 10 and 15, so you can see that everyone goes home with lots of ideas and techniques under their belts.  Although not everyone brought all their pieces to the show and tell at the end of the class!  If I did not know any better, all these serious faces might worry me, but I am pretty confident that they all had a good time as I am going back to visit the E.Y.E.S group in July to run the class at their summer school.  Which reminds me, I must get cracking and sort out exactly what we are going to be doing and how we are going to do it, so I am off now to go and do just that.  

Thank you ladies of the E.Y.E.S. group, I had a lovely day with you all, and I hope you did too.