More New Stuff


Adirondack Alcohol Inks (Brights and originals) are here; fabulous vibrant permanent colours that can be applied to the surface of your Friendly Plastic, or used to colour Friendly Plastic Pellets.  In fact you can use them with any non porous surface.  A tiny amount goes a long, long way.  Apply the colour any way you like – with a brush, drop it on, or use the purpose designed applicator tool to pat it on for interesting mixes.  For the image above I simply dropped colour on and used a straw to blow the colour about.  The circles are created by dropping one colour into another.  If you use the Blending Solution as well, you can dilute the colours and achieve wonderful subtle effects.  I use Isopropyl alcohol (available from the chemist)  as well sometimes, to push the colour away.


I have got in stock lots of colours all available singly, including the Mixatives (Gold, Silver, Copper, Pearl) which are great for adding a metallic sparkle to the inks.


All of these samples were created on Silver FP using alcohol inks.  This one made use of a straw to create abstract effects.  Great fun, but sometimes a little unpredictable, especially when you run out of puff in all the heat we are having here in the UK at the moment.


I messed about with a Clay Shaper tool to create the lines in the background, and the dots are made using a Sakura Souffle pen.

As yet I have not done anything with these samples because I have been too busy with other things, but I will get there.  In fact  I have a whole heap of things I want to tell you about, but they will have to wait until after the weekend.

 The new stuff does not end with the Alcohol Inks, I have Laser Meshtoo.  Incredible value for money packs of what we have always called Sequin Waste or Punchinella.  They are only £1.95 for an assorted pack of different shapes and sizes of holes (where the sequins have been punched out) and they come in lovely co-ordinated packs.



If you check out the website you will find more stuff that is new including colour co-ordinated tags, buttons and cords.  All sorts of stuff for working with and embellishing your Friendly Plastic.

I am off to teach Filigree Forms this weekend at Horncastle College for the East Yorkshire Embroidery Society’s Summer School, so I won’t dilly and dally chatting further now.  I will try and post next week to let you know how it all went and what wonderful stuff they all created (and they all will create wonderful stuff, I have my whip ready!)