Back to The Grindstone

After a fabulous 2 week holiday in South Africa during which we experienced large amounts of rain, glorious sunshine that did not bake us to a cinder, winter storms, amazing and awe inspiring scenery, intriguing and beautiful flora, super friendly people, delicous food and wine and an assortment of curious animals (jackass penguins, a warthog, ostrich zebra, mongoose etc), we are home again.  We did not do a safari this time, but perhaps next time we will.  If you want good value for money, and an unforgettable holiday, go and visit South Africa; although you might want to put it off until after the Football World Cup which takes place there next year!

It is always depressing coming back to a ton of work, but hey, today is miserably wet and I am cracking through a load of office work.  Nothing creative on my part I am afraid.  However.  If you want to hear a little bit about Friendly Plastic, then go to Blogtalk Radio and listen to Jana Ewy make a special guest appearance on the Inspired At Home show. I missed the live show but got it as a podcast, but you can do Listen Again on the site as well.

If you are happy to stay up till 11pm tonight (UK time) then Linda Peterson and Jen Lowe are doing a special Friendly Plastic Radio show; I hope it goes well Girls!  I am going to be in bed, but I will get to listen again tomorrow.