Help is at Hand

My studio is such a tip at the moment that I can hardly move around in it.  I always seem to get to this desperate situation, and then the effort of tidying it all up is so monumental that I will do almost anything else to avoid making a start.  However, displacement activity has come to an end as my sister who is staying with me for a few days has offered to help me sort it out.

This is great news for the most part as she is a very organised person and I hope she will drag me back to the path of organised righteousness (or should that be the righteous path of organisedness?).  However, there is likely to be a down side to all this as she is also a very curious and creative person and I can see that we will be stopping to investigate every thing as we uncover all sorts of items she has never encountered before.  This may well lead to demonstrations, discussions, and further investigations before we can put the item away.  Exactly how much of the studio will end up tidied and organised is any ones guess, but we should have some fun doing it, and who knows what new ideas will spring up.

After my recent holiday in South Africa, I have acquired a lot of beads and things that I am itching to combine with Friendly Plastic and turn in to jewellery, and as my sister is an avid beader, I think my stash will require extensive exploration.


Despite some lengthy stints tidying up in the studio, I will have time to teach next week, and I will be in Derby at Gillian’s Crafts on Tuesday 11th August at 8 Royal Hotel Building, Victoria Street Derby, DE1 1EQ.  01332 332133.  There will be two 2 hour classes each costing only £10 which includes all materials.  In the morning we will be creating impressions in Friendly Plastic, and this is a great way to get to know FP if you are unfamiliar with the material.  It is simple, clean and really quick and easy to get great results.  The pieces you make will  be suitable for turning in to jewellery or adding to a card, or incorporating in your textile projects.

2007_0105cards0028I used a feather to make the impression and added Rub n Buff to highlight the texture of the imprint


These little tiles were created using numerous household impliments to provide texture, and a splash of acrylic paint, or a smear of Rub n Buff metallic way enhances the patterns.

sample mount black and gold laceOld thick lace made this lovely knobbly texture.  The close up of the sample is on the left, and the right hand side of the image is the mount paper I created to mount up the piece by scanning in to the computer the FP sample and playing around with it in Photoshop to make a suitable background for the physical sample.

In the afternoon I will teach you all how to create lace in Friendly Plastic which is a wonderful technique to master as it not only makes your FP go further, gives it a wonderful texture and an organic look but it is also brilliant for stitching in to.  This makes it my top technique for using with textile projects as Lacework gives structure and decoration all at once. Because FP is so light it works wonderfully well with sheer fabrics.  But don’t stop there with the lacework, take the technique into your papercrafting and jewellery making, it is equally suitable for either.  Personally I use it for small jewellery items, textile projects, 3D items, costume and masks so you can see it is a very versatile method of working.

Come for the morning and learn how to create beautiful and subtle impressions of all manner of things, and stay for the afternoon to create your own lacework projects.    Places are strictly limited as I can only take a maximum of 10 people in each class.  Please call Gill at the shop to book a place.

If these short taster sessions take your fancy, but perhaps you are looking for something more in depth, then why not come to Tintern Abbey over the weekend of September 26th and 27th for a weekend of jewellery making with Friendly Plastic.  I have only one place left for the weekend, and the course costs £60.  There are plenty of B&Bs close by as well as some hotels, and there will be a dinner for everyone who wants to come on Saturday night at a local hostelry.  Check out my earlier posts on this subject and contact me if you are interested.