Well I have finally got around to making use of my experiments with alcohol ink that I showed you a few posts ago.  Below is one of the brightly coloured pieces of  Friendly Plastic I created by blowing Adirondak Alcohol Inks (Brights) all over the FP using a straw.


I have now managed to chop up the pieces of FP and insert them in to some of the lovely Amate jewellery blanks that I have in stock.  They are made of lead free pewter and they look and feel lovely.  They are just begging to be filled with interesting things to make stunning jewellery.  I won’t say that these are stunning, but they are a start. 

alcohol inks and amate1

Some of the jewellery blanks are very deep and can take a lot of filling.  This offers wonderful opportunities to layer up with Envirotex Lite, trapping or drawing things on the different layers – it adds great depth, and of course a high gloss shine.  The effect is not easy to show using a photo, but it is quite lovely when seen in the flesh.  This ring developed a bubble which I failed to notice as I had to dash out for a few hours.  When I got back, the bubble was undeniably there, and the only thing to do was incorporate it in to the design.

amate ring with alc inks

The jewellery blanks can be very small,  or quite large.  The pendants below vary in size from 2cm (3/4″ ) square to 5cm (2″) tall which makes them great for showcasing some original art.  What about papers, photos, collage, found objects, fabrics etc?  I can think of loads of things to use them with, but I have not currently got the time to explore all the possibilities.  Perhaps you have a bright idea that you could like to try out.  The blanks are very nicely finished with a bright silver shine and a neat, smooth back, and I think they can be used to show off simple contemporary designs, or complex, busy steampunk type confections.

amate pendants

Below is a slightly fuzzy picture (sorry!) of one of the larger pendants which I will have on my web site shortly.  This blank is 5cm tall.

amate pendant 1

I currently have pendant trays, and bracelets in stock, but very shortly I will have rings, sets, and a wider variety of pendant trays for you to chose from.  Below are some of the bangle / bracelets that will be coming in.  Prices start at £2.45  So watch this space!


amate bracelets and alc inks