Glossing Over The Facts

Don’t be shocked, I am about to sound rather American for a moment!   I Am VERY EXCITED about a new product that I have just managed to get my hands on – Lisa Pavelka’s Magic Glos is simply Brilliant.


This is Lisa’s work on polymer clay (that I pinched from her website – thank you Lisa)



Magic Glos is just that – MAGIC!  The little bottle squeezes out a slightly gellified gloss coating that flows, but is not runny, and it covers Friendly Plastic, Polymer Clay and other stuff BEAUTIFULLY.  It also works a treat in the Amate Jewellery range of bezels, blanks and trays. It is really simple to use, the only thing you need to have to hand is a little UV lamp – the sort that is used to cure UV gel nail finishes.  Instead of taking 24 hours to cure, it takes between 5 and 15 minutes under the UV lamp, so I can do this in a class – how good is that!


This one costs £4.99 on ebay, and there are loads of different brands of them out there, you can even get them at argos.  Not being the sort of girl that ever has her nails done,I was totally unaware of these little light boxes, but now I know, there is one installed in my studio just for curing Magic Glos.

In fact I am SO EXCITED that I am posting a couple of pictures of a quick sample I have done with Magic Glos; Please do not expect absolute neatness and professional finishing as I just could not wait to get this up and on the blog for you all to see.  In fact I will cringe if Lisa inspects this as I have made a pretty poor show of getting the Magic Glos to the edges, but that is just because I was too excited to be patient!


The Friendly Plastic underneath the Magic Glos is a mixture of Lacework, Oooze and added Accent Beads.  Sorry the colours are so muted, it was just what I had to hand when I got my bottle of Magic Glos to try out.


You can see from this picture just what a great high gloss protective coating this makes for your work.  There are two coats of Magic Glos on this piece.

The best bit of news is that I now have some Magic Glos in stock if you want it, although it will take me the rest of the afternoon to get it up on to the website!  It is £10 for a 1 fluid oz bottle which will go a long way, you will be able to coat a whole host of pieces with this little bottle, and the applicator nozzle of the bottle makes it really easy to use and you get virtually no bubbles at all.  If you want to source a cheap UV light, then go to ebay or Argos, or your local nail bar!

Phew.  OK, I am over the American bit now, although it was good practice to sound as enthusiastic as I feel, as I am off to Colorado soon to be a Playground Professor at Jen Lowe’s Starving Artists Playground where we will be full on Friendly Plastic for a few days.   Jen said that there is one place left on the weekend, and if you are interested she has posted something to the Friendly Plastic List telling you all about it.  I must say I am really looking forward to it.

But between now and then I am off to Tintern Abbey to teach a jewellery class inspired by the abbey ruins, and if I am not careful I will sound all American again, when I say that I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to it.  It will be great to meet up with other FP enthusiasts who have chosen to spend a weekend immersed in creative play.

Speaking of classes, I have another class coming up on November 21st at Sue Lancaster’s studio in Sheffield when I will be covering all the basics of FP in my Bend It Shape It class.  I will give more details about this in another post, but if you are interested, go and check out Stitched Up And Fleeced

Now I need to apologise to all you Americans who read this, I am only teasing about sounding American, it is just that we Brits, don’t do enthusiasm quite like you can, we may feel it inside, but we just don’t quite know how to express it like you do!