Spots Before The Eyes

I thought I would sneak in a quick post before I have to go and make some supper.  Firstly a big thank you to Linda Peterson and Jen Lowe who have both been blasting the internet on my behalf.  Linda has produced another of her wonderful little video shorts about basic stamping and texturing with FP, inspired by one of my DVDs Bend It Shape It; take a peek at the Friendly Plastic Blog to see Linda in action

bend it shape it

Jen has a few copies of my DVD and my book Friendly Plastic For Starters.  She also has two DVDs we produced for Sarah Lawrence on Angelina Fibres ( called Simply Fused) and surface decoration (called appropriately enough The Decorated Surface).  If you want to see clips for the DVDs then do visit my web site where you can try before you buy.  Jen only has a small stock of the DVDs so be quick if  you want one and you live in the USA because sending them from here costs more than sending them to you from Jens.

Enough of the plugging, here is what I want to show you in the few minutes before I grab my glass of wine and get on with supper:


This was a spot of Oooze (Gold Swirl) through some halloween net with spiders web on it, embedded in another bit of Friendly Plastic, and covered with a layer of Envirotex.


Here is the same piece (on the left) plus another similar piece that has had an extra 2 layers of Envirotex added plus some decorative dots in between the layers.



This pendant and earring set (not finished yet) have 3 layers of Envirotex with added spots.  The base design is created using Peel Offs.  Taking photos this close up shows up all my imperfections!  The pendant is about  3cm (about an inch and 1/4) wide, and the brooch below is only 3.5cm wide.


If you remember this brooch from an earlier post where I got all excited about Magic Glos and showed you my first trial of the product; well this now has another 2 layers of Magic Glos on top (with added spots of course!)  I like the spots as they work well with the embedded Accent Beads and the Ooozed Friendly Plastic beneath it all.  Whilst Envirotex takes 12 hours to be touch dry, but 24 to cure completely, Magic Glos can be cured in 5 mins under a UV lamp.  It is more expensive, but it is much more convenient for small batches or one off pieces.

No doubt I have said this earlier, but I tend not to cover most of my work with Envirotex or Magic Glos because I work in three dimensions a lot, and I also don’t always need a gloss coating.  However, if you are worried about protecting your work from heat and age damage then either Envirotex or Magic Glos is the way to go. 

I hope to have Envirotex up on the web site some time this week, so keep an eye out.

If I don’t get off this computer soon, there will be rebellion in the household, I really do need to go and make some supper.