Try This For Size

A very quick post today. I know lots of people are interested in trying Friendly Plastic Pellets, but they are anxious about plunging in and spending a whole heap of money on something they are unsure about.  So how would you like to try out Friendly Plastic Pellets for just £2.50?  For a limited time I am offering 1oz sample packs sent free of P&P for just £2.50.   This is a brilliant deal, and it is not even on the web site.  You need to be a blog reader to get the deal! 

 Email me if you would like some:   (NB the P&P free bit applies to the UK only I am afraid.  I am happy to send some to you wherever you are in the world outside the UK, but I will have to charge something for P&P, the exact amount depends on where you live and what the Post Office charges me)

A typical 7″ stick of Friendly Plastic weighs just over 1/4 oz and costs around £1.70.  You get 4 times the weight of plastic for £2.50 – not bad at all. 

You can colour your Pellets with Alcohol Inks, or Polished Pigments or Pearlex Powders, permanent ink pens and pads, metal flakes and foils and all sorts of other things.

These images have all appeared before on this blog, but I thought you might like to be reminded of what FP Pellets can do.

Softening and melting the Pellets can be done with hot water, a dry griddle or a heat gun (if you use the latter then make sure they are on a metal tray or something that stops them rolling all over the place with the blast of hot air.


The mould for this oriental piece was made using silicone moulding putty.

You could push it in to bezels (Amate jewellery bezels are great for this), or you could push it in to moulds (see below)

Not only is it wonderful for decorative purposes, but it is also useful for practical things as it can make quick (and recyclable) tools and handles for things (see Jen Lowe’s video)

I hope I have whetted your appetite.  If you like the pellets then I can offer them to you in 40z packets and can also get 28oz jars as well.  If you go for the 28oz jars  at £40, then I know you are hooked!