Brain Ache

I think I have a severe case of Brain Ache, it must be because I spent most of the weekend trying to tidy  up and clear up in the studio, and I still feel that it will take me to the end of the week to complete!  The reason why I am owning up to a feeble mind is because I forgot to add a class to the list in my previous post.

I will be teaching at Stitched Up and Fleeced (Sue Lancaster’s workshop) in Sheffield on Saturday 6th February. 10am – 4pm the cost is £40 payable and bookable directly with Sue please.  We will be doing a Bend It Shape It Day tailored to the needs of the students who want to come.  It is a day of experimentation and familiarisation in which you will learn  how to Oooze, create Lacework, make impressions, join Friendly Plastic pieces, and make simple beads among other things.  The aim of the day is to give you a good grounding in how Friendly Plastic works,  help you become familiar with various different ways of working with this amazing material, and inspire you to take it in your own direction to compliment your own particular areas of interest.

You can see from this image that everyone goes home with a whole heap of samples that they can turn into all sorts of things – motifs for cards, unique pieces of jewellery, embellishments for textiles or simply mount them up in a notebook with your had written notes on how you did what you did.  This latter option is of course, only for swots!