Perfect Timing

Have you seen Linda Peterson’s video on using Friendly Plastic in moulds?  If you haven’t, go and check it out now on the Friendly Plastic Blog.  The reason for pointing you in that direction is because it ties in very nicely with my latest FPUKtv video on how to make the moulds using a two part silicone putty called Easy Mold.  As the name suggests, it is really easy to use, and it is quick to make some exciting moulds from your precious bits and bobs. 

Easy Mold comes from the same stable as Envirotex Lite and it is simple to mix the two differently coloured putties together, press the ball of smooth putty around an object or push an object in to the putty.  You leave it for anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the amount of putty you use, and then gently remove the object from the putty (or the other way around in some cases) and hey presto, you have an incredibly detailed reusable mould. 

Whilst there are loads of lovely moulds out there to buy (cake decorating / sugarcraft moulds, and the fabulous range from Krafty Lady), sometimes you want to do your own thing.  I have found it excellent for making multiple copies of objects that are precious to me that I don’t want to use in a project, or that I only have one of when I need 10.  Markets, car boot sales, and charity shops are great places to find interesting things to mould; so is your jewellery box.

The moulds are flexible so they are really easy to release from, and you don’t have to stick with using Friendly Plastic, why not try polymer clay, paper clay, Hearty, or any of the other modelling compounds out there.

Like Linda, I prefer to use hot water to soften my FP for moulding, it makes it much easier to handle (not sticky or too hot).  You can use up all your scraps in a mould as well, and then simply paint the surface afterwards using acrylic paints.  My personal preference depends on what I am trying to achieve:  If I want total control over detailed colouring then I go for Friendly Plastic Pellets, but if I want a background colour with a metallic look that can still be altered, then the FP sticks are the way to go. 

The other nice thing about the putty is that it seems to have a long shelf life as long as you keep the lids tightly closed, so you are ready to make a mould whenever the inspiration takes you.