Brilliant Beads at Husqvarna

On Thursday 3rd June the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham hosted another of my FP classes, this time a bead making class.  In a day you can hardly scratch the surface of the subject, but everyone who came had a very good go at exploring as many ideas for bead making as time would allow.

We started with simple round beads, how to form them, make holes using Mylene Hillman’s cold water chilling method and also to add decoration to the beads.  Some people took to them really quickly and rapidly got the hang of the timing required when putting the bead in cold water to harden enough to pierce a hole without distorting the bead; others found it trickier,  and prefered the paper bead approach.

Bead decorated with applied transfer foil.

“Paper Bead”  – FP coloured with alcohol inks, edged in gold FP and wrapped around  sewer.

Rainbow FP edged with silver FP.  This was a jumbo bead using about two thirds of the length of a stick of FP!

The beginnings of a plan for some jewellery here.

 We moved on to Tubeads, and everyone learnt how to make them using the cords and mat in my Tubeads kit. Some went beyond the basics to make curlicues covered in glitter.

Others took to embellishing their beads with other beads – large


and small


We investigated colouring FP with metal flake.


Others used foils and inks and pens to create interesting designs ready to be turned in to beads, 


some stayed as decorated pieces of FP to be used in future projects, or just to be admired as they are!

Someone had come prepared with machine wrapped cords ready to receive the beads they had made.



All in all, another fun day that gave people the skills to create their own fabulous pieces of jewellery, We talked about how to make even sized beads using a bead roller, and how to create oversized beads, how to seal the beads, what varnishes to use and also how to drill, string and finish beads. We also looked at how best to show off your wonderful creations, mixing in bought beads with your hand crafted beads to enhance the effect of both.


(no, this was not made on the class, they were too busy trying out all the different techniques, this was my necklace that I made and strung together the day before the class to show some of the techniques they would cover)

A special thank you to Pammie who acted as my right hand woman throughout the day and sorted out all the bits regarding money etc during the day, and also to Julie who supplied some fabulous green chiffon bags to put the class material packs in to – an inspired idea.