Victoria Stampers

What a hot one Saturday was, not only from the point of view of the weather, but also the class I took at Victoria Stampers in Rainhill, Mersyside, everyone was red hot keen to discover how to use Friendly Plastic to it’s best advantage.

 Meeting in the function room over the Victoria Pub, these talented and dedicated ladies know how to apply themselves to their craft! Not only was it all superbly organised by Lynne Wilkinson, but everyone came prepared with the right kit, the right attitude and bucketfuls of friendship and humour (plus the odd chocolate!).

This was a larger class than normal due to very special circumstances and I was a little anxious that it might be tricky to give everyone enough attention. However, they listened, made notes and eagerly tried out all the things I threw at them to do, helping each other along the way. I was so busy and involved that I managed to only take one or two photos, and I am reliant on some photos generously donated by others.

 Unfortunately, because I did not take all the photos, I can’t remain behind the camera!

Busy learning Lacework 

Here are some great samples made by Jo

You can see how hard they worked, and in this example, it is obvious that Jo’s energy and enthusiasm did not stop when class was over as I think all of these were made after the class!   Thanks Jo for all your photos.

Neet sent me this photo of the work she had done in he class, finishing off her Angelina hearts and putting them back to back to make a pendant when she got home.

The last two images I have pinched from Carol and Olive’s blogs – thank you ladies!


Finally, here I am demonstrating a technique to the ladies of Victoria Stampers, and as you can see, they all paid close attention.

Judging by the flurry of head-swelling emails I received, they enjoyed themselves and liked what I did with them.  I was very touched by the lovely hand made card (complete with Friendly Plastic motif) which was signed by them all.

Thank you Victoria Stampers for a really great day, I thoroughly enjoyed being with you all, you are a great bunch of people and I look forward to working with you all again.