I am really excited, I have three pieces of work in the latest Nolitex exhibition and it looks all set to be a diverse and exciting collection of work that will be on display at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln.  The dates are 13th – 25th July, and the location is perfect – at the top of Steep Hill in Lincoln, very close to both the castle and the cathedral.  If you fancy seeing some really interesting interpretations of the coastal theme, then come along and take a peek.

The piece below is one I have shown you before, but this time you can see the whole thing rather than the more arty shot I took whilst lying in the sand between rainstorms.  “On The Strand” is my giant necklace – it is 6.5m long and is made from a variety of media including dishcloth yarn, ping-pong balls and of course Friendly Plastic.  The inspiration for this piece was the jumble of nets, fishing tackle and general fishing stuff that garland our fishing docks such as Grimsby. (This photo was taken in the sand dunes north of Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast).

Now I realise that not many people want a 6.5m necklace so I have made some scaled down versions that are wearable.  This time I used lots of Friendly Plastic, some net that used to contain garlic heads, bits of broken necklace from the charity shop, yarn, miniature cotton reels, and bashed bronze wire.

The ‘life preserver ring’ is made from recycled  Friendly Plastic, using my Tubebead kit.  The resultant tubular ring was then covered in fabric.  The metal ball bead is entirely scrap FP with a metal effect paint and rusting solution applied.


This chunky bracelet is FP beads (as above) interspersed with potassium permanganate dyed crochet beads and small turquoise stone washers and beads in between

These pieces of jewellery and more will be available at the gallery during the exhibition.

My second piece of work was based on the theme of plastic pollution  and the fishing industry and is 2.5m high.  The image below is a close up of one of the elements in “In Suspense”.  I created this piece using Moulding Mesh.

Again, this is a bit large for most people to consider having in their homes, so I made some more jewellery based on the forms you see above.

These are not easy to photograph, the camera is confused about which bit to focus on, and that might be the same problem for anyone encountering the purchaser of these earrings!

Just a small sample of the things you will encounter at the exhibition.  If you want to see more then get yourself over to Lincoln between 13th and 25th July.

If you really can’t make it (perhaps because you live in Australia or have some other feeble excuse!), then we have a superb CD catalogue with 94 images of work in the exhibition plus all the artists statements and inspiration and it is only £5.  If you are interested in bagging this brilliant bargain, then email me at enquiries@rarebird.ltd.uk and I will send you one – P&P depends on where you are in the world  and we can take payment via pay pal. 

As a final word, if you want to learn how to use Friendly Plastic, then check out the classes tab as I am posting the dates and details of some new classes for the autumn.