I had reached crisis point and could no longer see any spare flat surface in my studio, everything was buried under 6ft of stuff.  Not just any stuff, but precious creative stuff that I badly wanted to use, but I could not find a spare millimetre to use it in.

Then along came my wonderful at-a-loose-end-because-she-was-fed-up-with-school-work niece (she is a teacher and didn’t fancy another day preparing her classes for next term).  Arriving not on a white charger, but in her smart little blue car, she managed to eventually prise herself free from the affectionate welcome of our dog and presented herself in my studio for mucking out duty.  She is a very good soul and did not betray the shock she felt when she saw what we needed to tackle.

This photo was taken after 1 hour of tidying up.

6 hours later, the transformation was almost complete, but the will and energy to continue had dissipated to a mere whisper of smoke.  I revived her with some supper, and sent her home.

Today I finished off the job, and it might not be perfect but now that I can see the surfaces again, I can’t wait to get stuck in to creating stuff, particularly as I discovered all manner of things in the tidying up process, and I am eager to make use of them.

It is a positive pleasure to walk in to my studio once again, and it really makes me excited at the prospect of having space to work in again.  Sadly, as it took me all day to finish this off on my own, I now have to leave this wonderfully inviting room and go and make some supper for the Hungry Hordes.  This is one evening when I wish I had a freezer full of ready meals!