Create And Craft

Guess what, we are finally getting some Friendly Plastic on the tele: not sitting on top of the set, but actually to be featured on live TV with demos.  I will be doing a one hour show on Ideal World’s Create And Craft channel (shopping channel available on freeview, cable and satellite) on Monday 16th August – Yes that is NEXT MONDAY- at midday UK time.  My knees are shaking and my heart racing at the thought of it, goodness knows what I will be like on the day.  However I hope to come across as cool, calm and collected, and if my knees are knocking you will not be able to see them behind the counter!

I am freelancing for Potterycrafts who are the UK distributor for Friendly Plastic, and I will be presenting 4 kits plus one of my DVDs

 So if you want a laugh, or simply the novel experience of watching a shopping channel, then tune in and have a giggle at my expense.

Last Friday I went down to Peterborough (where the studios are) to do a screen test, and it was all quite relaxed, in a professional sort of way.  There were 3 of us doing screen tests, presenting different things, and as I was last to do mine, I had the benefit of seeing the others do theirs first.  As a guest presenter I do have to do any selling as such, just talk about the product, it is up to the proper presenter to do the actual selling.  The chap I worked with is called Dave and I was very impressed with the way he managed to get a handle on each of the three very different  products (a tele, a hot foil machine and my Friendly Plastic) and do appropriate introductions and ask leading questions to illicit the information that is required.  I only hope that whoever I get on Monday will be as easy to work with.

I know it won’t be Leonie Pujol (who I have known for years, ever since she worked in a craft shop called Topaz in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire).

I bumped in to her in the car park and after a long catch up she tells me that she does not work on Mondays.  Maybe if I manage to keep people’s interest then we can do another show, and I can get to work with Leonie.  For any of you who have seen her on TV, she is absolutely the same happy, chirpy, thoroughly lovely and absurdly young-looking person in real life as you see on the screen.

 Anyway, I do hope that if you get the chance, you will be able to tune in and see me demonstrate some very simple techniques like stamping and joining, as well as Oooze and whatever else I have time for, and you will be able to take a gander at some of the samples I will show (no pics as I have not made some of the samples yet!)

As a last thought, if any of you have ever done something like this before, please send me as many tips on what to do and what not to do as you possibly can:  it is one thing to demonstrate to or teach real people, but having cameras pointed at me and a presenter to interact with (no swearing allowed!)  as well as explain, demo and hold things steady, I am sure to make loads of mistakes.  Any tips on preparation would be greatly appreciated as well.