Create and Craft – Did It, Doing It Again

Thank you One and All for your support on Monday, I really appreciated everyone’s good wishes.  You gave my confidence a shot in the arm, but unfortunately it did not manage to reach my knees which still knocked when I stood before the cameras at Create And Craft TV.  However, I managed to survive the experience sufficiently well for them to want me back again on the 18th September (I am told). 

The experience was most interesting, and I was very impressed by the presenter Lottie Mayor who was incredibly good at getting to grips with the essentials of Friendly Plastic in the 10 minutes before the show.  She described it as being like cramming for an exam because not only did she have to get a handle on the product, its essential qualities and unique features, but also have an overview of what it can do, and then be able to ask leading questions during the show.  Besides that she had to have the running order and contents of each kit off pat, which is no mean feat in such a short space of time.  On top of all that, she is a lovely, lively character who seemed genuinely amazed at what you can do with Friendly Plastic.  We all know how versatile the medium is, but the studio crew, were really surprised by how good it can look, and no one could understand why it was not more widely known.

So there you have it, your mission is to go out there and be evangelical about Friendly Plastic and strut your stuff all over the place, telling everyone just how good an art and craft product it is.

Taking photos in the Create and Craft Studio was not allowed, and by the time I had got in the car and my knees were no longer knocking, I had completely forgotten to take a photo of the Ideal World building in readiness for this post.  However, you are not really missing much, it is a very big red and grey building on the outskirts of Peterborough which will not win awards for architecture, but it is easy to get to, and the people inside are extremely friendly.  So in lieu of photos of the studio I am posting some shots of some of the cards that I had with me for the show.  Above is the Ooozed heart using Swirl and some black Punchinella (Sequin Waste)


This little number is made up from some of the “waste” Oooze from making the heart above.  I just used my scissors to snip it in to shape.

These buttons are made using repeated impressions from a rubber stamp (using the hot water method I demonstrated on the show) into some Pewter FP, but I used a circular cutter and wiggled holes for stitching into with my embossing tool.  Some of the indentations are coloured in using a ProMarker, and they are highlighted with Rub n Buff. 

The negative shape from the buttons above makes a perfect frame for some old photos I found on the internet

Goggle eyes are embedded in to my wonky cat, and I made a spaghetti tail to add a bit of dimension.  The cat is pieced together using hot water.  The new Spanish Copper colour features here.

A bit of free form modelling using narrow strips of FP make the flowers.  They are created in two parts and stuck together using hot water.  The vase is stamped and cut out with a sugarcraft cutter with an extra piece applied using hot water to make the rim.  I used another of the new colours Stormy Blue for the vase.

Last but not least, is the tiara I got Lottie to wear.  If any  of you have ever been to one of my talks, you might recognise it as the one I get my sales table helpers to wear.  Simple Lacework forms the bulk of the design with some wiggly wires set in that have had their ends coated with a bit more FP.  The whole is set on a band of wire and trimmed with Friendly Plastic.

Despite nerves, I had a great day at Create And Craft, and I am looking forward to the next one, when I hope to be able to show you some more demos of things you can do with Friendly Plastic.  My thanks once again for all your support.  I really appreciated every email, text  and comment.