3D Friendly Plastic at Chepstow Castle

After last years successful class at Tintern Abbey, I am running another two day course, this time at Chepstow Castle on the banks of the River Wye.  We will be working right inside the castle itself, and taking our inspiration from the magnificent ruins of the ancient building and the beautiful landscape surrounding it. 

  Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October 2010

10am to 4pm both days

What We Will Do

 Day one is about inspiration and learning techniques appropriate to 3D projects. We will refresh memories by going over some techniques that are particularly appropriate to the course, and also spend some time planning and considering how best to tackle a project.   We will also spend a bit of time roaming around the castle looking for details, textures, colour and shapes that might inspire and inform your projects.

Day 2 is about your own creations and what you want to do – I will guide you on an individual basis through projects that you specifically want to create, and I can help you explore and discover more ways of working with FP allowing you to take it in your own direction.

 Although this course is about 3D applications for Friendly Plastic, many aspects of what we do will be of benefit to people who wish to work in 2 dimensions only (producing things for papercrafting or jewellery etc).

This vase is just an illustration of using FP in three dimensions, you might choose to make a box, or a bowl, or an abstract vessel or art piece.

This is a funny little spaghetti and coiled bowl, the colours and the shapes are reminiscent of architectural details on old buildings. 


My aim is to teach you how to plan more complex projects in Friendly Plastic, taking in to account the properties of the material, and to help and guide you through creating your own 3D designs. I want to inspire you to try out your own ideas, and to give you the confidence to push your boundaries using Friendly Plastic.

 Whether you want to make art or something more functional, you will learn the skills to take your Friendly Plastic creations to the next level.

 Who Is This Course Suitable For?

This course is more suited to those who have some experience of using Friendly Plastic, but beginners are also welcome. However it would be helpful to familiarise yourself with Friendly Plastic, it’s basic properties and some simple techniques before the course in order to get the most out of the two days. This might be learning from a friend who has been on one of my courses, trying out some of the techniques and ideas that are available on line (see my website for projects, video shorts and information www.rarebird.ltd.uk and the Art Of Friendly Plastic blog http://friendlyplastic.blogspot.com/ for loads of ideas and other video tutorials), or on DVD. If in doubt, contact me first to discuss it before booking lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk

Friendly Plastic is non toxic and does not give off any fumes, however any paints and powders students choose to use might not be so benign. I do not encourage the use of any material that is toxic in a classroom situation. Let me know at the time of booking if you have any known allergies to acrylic paints, pigment or metal powders, or glues. Having said all that, I have never had anyone react to Friendly Plastic in any way (except to say how much they like it of course!)


The price of the course does not include accommodation, but I can send you some links to a range of places to stay. 


Tea and coffee will be available, you can either bring your own lunch or we can pop across to a local establishment which is offering a good deal. More details when your place has been confirmed.

We plan to have a meal together on the Saturday evening which is not compulsory, but good fun.


The Cost for the weekend class is £60

I have only a very few places left on the course as I only take 12 people, so if you are interested then email me ASAP and I will send you a booking form and further details.