Featuring Guest Artist Sue Hall

A couple of weeks ago I was demonstrating at The Craft Barn in Lingfield Surrey, and a lovely lady called Sue Hall came and watched me, took notes and asked loads of questions.  She had not used Friendly Plastic before, but went home, got busy, and came back the next day with an absolutely delightful card for me.

She had been rather taken, as you can see, with my Lacework technique, but the really lovely thing is that she created her own designs using the ideas that I had shown her.  She took the principles of how to heat it, the surfaces to use, and how to pull holes in the FP, and came up with a design that is completely her own.  I am so impressed.  Sue’s mastery of the technique in such a short space of time  illustrates that it is very straightforward to do, you just need to have a surface that the plastic can stick to (I use aluminium foil), and you need dry heat (heat gun) to make the FP sticky enough to adhere to the foil whilst you pull holes in it.  Then you can play to your hearts content coming up with regular or organic designs depending on your preferences.

Sue also made this lovely wreath below.

All the little berries are made with tiny cut out circles measuring about 4mm across.  I am chuffed to pieces with Sue’s work, and absolutely delighted to be able to showcase it here for you all to see.

Sue, if you have created other things you want to share, then please do send me photos and I will blog / brag about them on your behalf.

By the way, I might hear something about Create and Craft this week