My Second Create and Craft Experience

On Sunday I was up bright and early and whizzing down the A1 to Peterborough to the Create and Craft studios for my second show freelancing with Friendly Plastic for another company.  It was a markedly different experience to the first time, partly because I had had very little notice (4 days), but largely because it was a Sunday and C&C seem to operate on a different level on Sundays.

Laid back is an understatement, but that helped my nerves.  However, Loen the presenter had to do three shows back to back and this meant that she had no time to view the product or prep for my show.  She walked in to the studio as the final countdown to air had already commenced and was on set with 5 seconds to go.  Poor Loen knew absolutely nothing at all about the product or the kits.  This made for some hilarious conversations, but I am not convinced it was the best way to go about selling product!  However, I did get to do a lot more demonstrating than last time, which was a bonus.

Next time I will make sure I ask which camera is which as it was sort of assumed I knew (so if I appeared to be looking in the wrong direction then I apologise and will try to do better).  If any one has any suggestions as to how I can improve my part of the presentation I would be grateful to receive them, after all, it is not me that has to watch it and understand it.

I obviously did not bomb out as they are scheduling two more shows on the 20th November and the 6th December, both at 9am.  But I will remind everyone closer to the time.  There will be new kits amongst some of the existing ones.

The images at the top of this post are samples from the Firelight Patchwork Pieces kit and demonstrate how to us up decorative scraps to make the pendant (I have coated it with a gloss varnish).  The beads n the right are made from Friendly Plastic and are formed on the ends of the cord the pendant hangs on. The little knots are made from narrow strips of FP (I have foiled the edges), which are wrapped around the cord.  It is a very simple but effective way to finish off your ends.  If you want to check out all the Friendly Plastic Kits on Create and Craft, type “Friendly Plastic” into their search box.

In the mean time I have been writing an article on FP spaghetti for Workshop On The Web which is due out in December, and another article for Make jewellery Magazine.  Next week I will be focussing on preparing for the 2 day course at Chepstow Castle on 3D FP (see post on 2nd Sept).  Very shortly after that I am off to Alicante, Spain to teach 4 workshops, so  life is definitely not dull.


These two images are of spaghetti, just in case you were wondering!