Flat Out With Friendly Plastic

 “Busy” does not cover the last week, it has been manic. However, we all survived and hopefully everyone who came to the class I ran for Solihull Embroiderers Guild on Saturday 13th November enjoyed themselves. They are a lovely group of ladies, and here are some photos of their work.

The interesting colours were achieved by using Foiling Fantasy foils

Fabulous colour co-ordinated Oooze

Clever use of two layers of sequin waste or Laser Mesh

Metal Flake makes the wonderful colours here

Glitzy lace was used to oooze through

These were made on the griddle from Snappers.


 The following Wednesday I taught a new class at the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham how to make fabric beads and combine them with Friendly Plastic to make a necklace. It was lovely to meet up with old friends Maxine and Emelia, and to make new ones out of those that I had only talked to via email, but  sadly I had failed to take my camera. however here is an image of the sample necklace for the class.


Three days later was my third show for Create and Craft TV and I had lovely Leonie who I have known for simply ages. Everything was much better organised this time and John the producer had a clear plan of what he wanted so things were laid out and organised a whole heap better than before.

 The show featured a new kit Winter Wonderland which was all about making Star Flakes using my Lacework technique in Friendly Plastic. This seemed to go down quite well, and I even got Leonie having a go.



Some poor photos of the Star Flakes that were featured on the show.  iridescent sequins are pushed in to the warm plastic


  Two stars on top of each other (one coloured with mica powders

The gold circle are made from Friendly Plastic too.


Each Star Flake is as different as you want to make them.


3D Star Flakes or perhaps I should call it an Icicle Flower


Why stick with white?



These Winter Wonderland flowers were made in a similar way to the Star Flakes, but instead of the point of the triangles going outwards, they all point inwards, and the Lace technique is applied to the centre only.  I Ooozed a circle of silver FP through the holes in the centre, and attached wire for the stems.  So if you missed the show you can now see what we got up to.

Goodness knows why I was ever nervous about doing these shows, now that I know what to expect, I feel a whole heap calmer and no one can hear my knees knocking because they don’t any more.

 My next show is on Monday 6th December at 9am, but if you need a quick fix of something different, then watch Sarah Lawrence tomorrow (Friday 26th) at 11am as she is presenting a range of Craftynotions products.