Make Jewellery Magazine

I hope you enjoyed today’s Create and Craft with Friendly Plastic and The Little Book of Secrets Kit.  More about that in another post, but I wanted to tell you that I am in print again! Check out this month’s issue of Make Jewellery Magazine, for the project. It is called Neon Lights and features an inlay technique using Friendly Plastic and Envirotex Lite. I have used really bright and up to the minute colours of Fuchsia Pink and the new Citron yellowy green. The technique is very simple and involves using small circular cutters and a needle tool to scratch in a design.


The set is made up of a pendant created in two halves and melded back to back, earrings that are reversible and a ring inset into a silver plated Amate bezel. Envirotex Lite coats all three elements of the set making them have a glass-like super glossy appearance great for whatever part of the world you live in because the Envirotex Lite protects the Friendly Plastic from any extremes of temperature. Mind you , the only extremes of temperature we have been having in the UK recently are more likely to freeze your Friendly Plastic: melting in the sunshine is not a likely option at the moment!

I have often been asked how to apply Envirotex Lite, and the answer is “with a bit of preparation and care”.  Jana Ewy and Linda Peterson both use this 2 part resin and I can’t remember which one gave me th tip about using Blue Tak to support the work and lift it off the surface.  Make sure that everything is absolutely level because Envirotex is a self leveling compound and if you are on a tilt, it will run off!

Mix equal quantities of the hardener and the resin very thoroughly together and leave to stand for a couple of  minutes whilst some of the bubbles created in the mixing process have risen to the surface and popped.  I use a cocktail stick to encourage the resin to the edges, taking care to avoid overflows.  A gentle blow across the surface removes remaining bubbles.  Then all you need to do is leave it to dry for 12 hours.  After that you can trim off any dribbles with scissors,  or add another layer if you want.  The resin needs to dry for 24 hours before you can use the heat of a heat gun to stick the two coated element back to back.

If Envirotex Lite is too lengthy a process for you, then why not try MagicGlos which does the same job but cures in 10 minutes using a UV nail lamp.